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Traditional wedding in Croatia: Kristina & Ivan

The fact that I’m going to photograph the traditional wedding in Croatia on June 8, I knew before the New Year. It was definitely enjoyable and exciting experience for me. The most interesting was to see traditions in plan of the wedding day, in food, in attention to every guest (and they had 250 people at the celebration), in party till the morning when all guests are dancing in the circle! And it was a great possibility to practice my English – that was only one way to communicate with the couple and their family because I didn’t speak Croatian and they, of course, don’t know Russian :)Image341
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Enjoying the water

I honestly do not know how the children can bring so many emotions! It’s not always a positive one, but .. Their smiles just make this world more beautiful :) This little lady named Caroline loves to take a bath but hates to dress up after. She is trying to be independent in everything. She knows exactly how to make Mom and Dad laugh and hugs them constantly!Image-6
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