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Mountains + France = Big love

We came to our camp at sunset and looked around… Mont Blanc … 4809 meters – highest point of Europe, but it were looked so close … It’s hard to describe the atmosphere in a valley surrounded on both sides of such beauty .. In Chamonix you can go buy a cheese and accidentally come back with Columbia or Salomon … It is full of shops for all kinds of sports: hiking, jogging, rafting, paragliding … Taking a walk in the clouds (down from the first stop of the cable car Aiguille du Midi), we met donkeys. And the silence, just us and the wind :) Image-8 Continue reading

Photographer in Paris: Daria + Andrey

A first blog update in 2014!  I am happy to add one more visited country to my list and it is lovely France! I had French language classes when I was in school and I really like this language. Paris is different from all European cities, it is a unique and unforgettable!  Especially when Eiffel tower is shining in the night. The capital is beautiful in all seasons and weather. We were frozen, of course, to get the precious photos, but the January-zero temperature without rain was a gift! Wedding of Daria and Andrey was two years ago and that was a photo shoot for the second anniversary.Image44 Continue reading