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Sri-Lanka wedding photographer

Maria and Denis arrived on green island Sri-Lanka in March when in their native Belorussia was still cold. Travel into a summer was not a usual vacation… They prepared all details for their amazing wedding on the beach. The morning began creatively – the groom had to go through a quest in order to spell out a frog into a beautiful bride. All the accessories and even the most important thing – the dress – Maria made with their own hands with the help of talented friends! The ceremony was made on a beach in Dickwella village with arch full of local flowers… We invited a monarch to make a “fake” ceremony in Sri-Lankan traditional style. After that we decorate a local transport tuk-tuk (something between car and motorbike) and went for a wedding photo shoot. We came back after sunset for a dinner by the fire, local drummers invite us to dance with them and we had a real fun until midnight until the strong storm had started … Great day, great memories…фотограф на Шри-Ланке, фотограф на Бали, свадьба на Сейшелах, Маврикий, фотограф на Мальдивах Continue reading

Thai wedding

Winter 2013. Yes, winter can look like this… First amazing experience to escape from cold weather with melted snow into a hot exotic country – Thailand. Our trip started in Bangkok, an amazing city of contrasts: from one side you can see huge modern buildings on 80 floors and more and on the other side – huge rats on the street, garbage, and stinky street food. But not whole Thailand is like that. National park Wat Yan is located not far from the of Pattaya and it looks idyllic and uncrowded. Stylish wedding photo session we started at sunset when it was not so hot. Image-51 Continue reading