When somebody is calling you to come…

When somebody is calling you to come for a long time, but you do not pay attention on it because of the daily problems, maybe you need to hear and to go … To put life on pause is very hard – that everyone understands. But if you try it once, you will get a chance to learn yourself better and you can find harmony for your soul…I went to the mountains and I opened my heart for love to  the nature, to the people and to myself…This special for me photos you can see down.Image_201Img-24 Img-25 Img-26 Img-31 Img-32 Img-35 Img-38 Image_47 Image_43 Image_56 Image_62 Image_65 Image_66 Image_69 Image_121 Image_122 Image_165 Image_168 Image_173 Image_182 Image_188 Image_205 Image_222 Image_221 Image_209 Image_201 Image_193 Image_238 Image_251 Image_272 Image_282 Image_289 Image_311

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