Traditional wedding in Croatia: Kristina & Ivan

The fact that I’m going to photograph the traditional wedding in Croatia on June 8, I knew before the New Year. It was definitely enjoyable and exciting experience for me. The most interesting was to see traditions in plan of the wedding day, in food, in attention to every guest (and they had 250 people at the celebration), in party till the morning when all guests are dancing in the circle! And it was a great possibility to practice my English – that was only one way to communicate with the couple and their family because I didn’t speak Croatian and they, of course, don’t know Russian :)Image341

Image10 Image8 Image15 Image341 Image22 Image289 Image35Image37 Image39 Image259Image51 Image53 Image63 Image124 Image80 Image82 Image102 Image109 Image110 Image120 Image111 Image115 Image127 Image138 Image142 Image143 Image148 Image174 Image180 Image183 Image196 Image202 Image235 Image241 Image242 Image246 Image256 Image300 Image336 Image310 Image284 Image281 Image295 Image324 Image345 Image353 Image368 Image377 Image380 Image417 Image405 Image408 Image411 Image415 Image424 Image430 Image439 Image440 Image441 Image453 Image458 Image463 Image464 Image467 Image489 Image495 Image504 Image527 Image538 Image545 Image548Image551 Image559 Image563 Image591 Image594 Image599 Image608 Image610 Image617 Image536

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