Wedding photographer in Spain: Diana + Dmitriy

Organization of a wedding in Spain is always a good idea) Diana and Dmitriy have chosen for wedding photo session the capital of Catalonia – and did not regret about the choice (I hope :) ). Barcelona, ​​for me, seemed to be absolutely similar to Milan or Vienna … as long as walking through a hot streets of the big city, I did not notice the gradual changes in the clothes of people pass by. First, shorter and shorter skirts on girls, than passers without comes a promenade and an endless line of beaches! .. Skates, bikes, beach workouts, gatherings in the evening near the water, dancing ..! All this is making Barcelona so attractive! Photo shoot passed so fast, I could not get enough of the beauty of Diana and all the while laughing at the jokes of Dmitriy. I hope you will want to visit Spain after seeing this photos. Enjoy the watching and see you there :) Image_308Image_03 Image Image_06 Image_30 Image_18 Image_07Image_34 Image_45 Image_49 Image_59 Image_62 Image_63 Image_67 Image_87 Image_89 Image_96 Image_114 Image_117 Image_119 Image_126 Image_131 Image_134 Image_135 Image_137 Image_143 Image_146 Image_150 Image_163 Image_171 Image_175 Image_176 Image_179 Image_182 Image_189 Image_190 Image_196 Image_199 Image_202 Image_204 Image_206 Image_216 Image_219 Image_223 Image_225 Image_227 Image_234 Image_239 Image_243 Image_245 Image_255 Image_263 Image_266 Image_270 Image_281 Image_282 Image_284 Image_287 Image_292 Image_293 Image_298 Image_302 Image_303 Image_308 Image_318 Image_325 Image_332 Image_334 Image_335 Image_338 Image_355 Image_356 Image_357 Image_358 Image_361 Image_363 Image_364 Image_340 Image_345 Image_347 Image_352 Image_354 Image_389 Image_391 Image_396

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