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Wedding in Austrian Alps

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Lena / Photographer in Portugal / Lisbon, Sintra, Algarve

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Liza / photographer on Mauritius

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Mountains + France = Big love

We came to our camp at sunset and looked around… Mont Blanc … 4809 meters – highest point of Europe, but it were looked so close … It’s hard to describe the atmosphere in a valley surrounded on both sides of such beauty .. In Chamonix you can go buy a cheese and accidentally come back with Columbia or Salomon … It is full of shops for all kinds of sports: hiking, jogging, rafting, paragliding … Taking a walk in the clouds (down from the first stop of the cable car Aiguille du Midi), we met donkeys. And the silence, just us and the wind :) Image-8 Continue reading

When somebody is calling you to come…

When somebody is calling you to come for a long time, but you do not pay attention on it because of the daily problems, maybe you need to hear and to go … To put life on pause is very hard – that everyone understands. But if you try it once, you will get a chance to learn yourself better and you can find harmony for your soul…I went to the mountains and I opened my heart for love to  the nature, to the people and to myself…This special for me photos you can see down.Image_201 Continue reading

Sri-Lanka wedding photographer

Maria and Denis arrived on green island Sri-Lanka in March when in their native Belorussia was still cold. Travel into a summer was not a usual vacation… They prepared all details for their amazing wedding on the beach. The morning began creatively – the groom had to go through a quest in order to spell out a frog into a beautiful bride. All the accessories and even the most important thing – the dress – Maria made with their own hands with the help of talented friends! The ceremony was made on a beach in Dickwella village with arch full of local flowers… We invited a monarch to make a “fake” ceremony in Sri-Lankan traditional style. After that we decorate a local transport tuk-tuk (something between car and motorbike) and went for a wedding photo shoot. We came back after sunset for a dinner by the fire, local drummers invite us to dance with them and we had a real fun until midnight until the strong storm had started … Great day, great memories…фотограф на Шри-Ланке, фотограф на Бали, свадьба на Сейшелах, Маврикий, фотограф на Мальдивах Continue reading

Christmas 2014 in Prague

Searching for my sit in a warm bus with the ability to stretch legs, I thought about the people who strongly discouraged me to go to Europe in January, explaining that the bad weather and the wrong impression of the beautiful cities. I decided to try and I can say now – Europe is beautiful at any time of the year (well, of course, if it’s possible to go outside and its not -20).Image306 Continue reading

Photographer in Paris: Daria + Andrey

A first blog update in 2014!  I am happy to add one more visited country to my list and it is lovely France! I had French language classes when I was in school and I really like this language. Paris is different from all European cities, it is a unique and unforgettable!  Especially when Eiffel tower is shining in the night. The capital is beautiful in all seasons and weather. We were frozen, of course, to get the precious photos, but the January-zero temperature without rain was a gift! Wedding of Daria and Andrey was two years ago and that was a photo shoot for the second anniversary.Image44 Continue reading

Wedding photographer in Greece: Igor+Olga

If you hear something bad about the Greek island Crete – do not rush to conclusions before seeing this blog story. I changed my opinion about this place from the first day of your stay! I met a nice couple – Igor and Olga, and we went to explore a Balos Lagoon, along the way enjoying the views of the cliffs with deep blue color of the water. We saw the pink sand beach and a meet point of three seas! After we walked at the cozy Chania and Rethymno. Traditional food was very tasty, we tried moussaka and got alcohol drink ouzo as a present in the cafe. And a Greek music – it’s another story)) And now pictures, enjoy!Image25 Continue reading

Trip to Croatia

This morning I woke up in the western region of Croatia – Istria – a peaceful places and a clean blue sea…I had only 2 days to explore Rovinj and Pula. I was in Croatia not a first time and every time I feel here as at home. Maybe because of the people – everybody is smiling to you and saying hello. In the night, its not scary to walk alone and even to get lost among the empty streets with a backpack full of photographic equipment. There is always somebody who is ready to help you to find a right street to your hotel.Image-5 Continue reading