Trip to Croatia

This morning I woke up in the western region of Croatia – Istria – a peaceful places and a clean blue sea…I had only 2 days to explore Rovinj and Pula. I was in Croatia not a first time and every time I feel here as at home. Maybe because of the people – everybody is smiling to you and saying hello. In the night, its not scary to walk alone and even to get lost among the empty streets with a backpack full of photographic equipment. There is always somebody who is ready to help you to find a right street to your hotel.Image-5Image-56 Image-59 Image-64 Image-2 Image-3 Image-5 Image-6 Image-7 Image-8 Image-9 Image-10 Image-12 Image-13 Image-14 Image-15 Image-16 Image-17 Image-18+ Image-19 Image-21 Image-65 Image-20 Image-22 Image-23 Image-24 Image-25 Image-26 Image-29 Image-30 Image-31 Image-32 Image-34 Image-35 Image-41 Image-27 Image-42 Image-43 Image-44 Image-47 Image-48 Image-46 Image-51 Image-52 Image-53 Image-54 Image-55 Image-40 Image-37 Image-38 Image-39 Image-60 Image-57 Image-61 Image-58

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