Love in Italy

After living in a big city you can start to breathe different in the nature. Northern Italy just fascinates with its beauty and grandeur.  Antonio is a stylish Italian groom. He is serious and wayward, but at the same time, gentle and loving when he is next to a tender bride Eugenia. It was so impressive and warm and comfortable April day that my eyes and my camera were photographed every blade of grass around to remember and share with you … :) IMG_6917

IMG_6950 IMG_6775 IMG_6872 IMG_6922 IMG_6850+ IMG_6933 IMG_6943 IMG_6991 IMG_6963+ IMG_6997 IMG_7134 IMG_7072 IMG_7065 IMG_7099++ IMG_7240 IMG_7236 IMG_7206 IMG_7198 IMG_7163

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